Tri-County Golf Cart Rental

From golf course to football field, warehouse to estate, the types of rentals available include:
Standard golf cart: With room for two, this golf cart is the basic “sedan” of golf cart rentals that will get you where you need to go while leaving a bit of room for storing your golf clubs or other equipment or necessities.

4-passenger golf cart: Playing a doubles match? Entertaining guests on the property? A four-seater is a standard golf cart with two seats on the back, replacing the storage area.

6-passenger golf cart: Four in the front and two in the back, the six-passenger golf cart rental simplifies your trek around the neighborhood.

8-passenger golf cart: Conducting a tour? Traversing a small area with your entire family? Whatever your need for a large-passenger golf cart, the eight-passenger option makes it easy and safe to accommodate all your passengers.

Flatbed golf cart: When you need to move equipment, supplies, boxes, or otherwise throughout your estate, business establishment, or otherwise, a flatbed golf cart provides plenty of room and a simpler way to load, unload, and travel then using a flatbed truck.

Golf cart with utility box: If the sun roof is a must but you still need a little extra room for storage or carrying equipment, the golf cart with utility box gets the job done.

Ambulance golf cart: Whether football field, soccer pitch, lacrosse field, or any sports field, the ambulance golf cart makes it possible to transport injured players to the sidelines or locker room efficiently and without great disruption.
Golf cart rental rates are dependent upon the number of carts needed, the type of carts, and the duration of use. Rental agreements will include the requirement of general liability and physical damage coverage on the golf carts.

Before you request a golf cart rental, consider what elements you would prefer your golf cart to include:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Suntop
  • Headlights
  • Other special request

Michigan Tri-County Golf Carts rentals are available for pick-up or delivery.
 Golf cart rentals are the ideal option when you are testing out whether your enterprise or home needs a golf cart permanently on the premises. Try various makes, models, and configurations to determine what type of golf cart is best for your needs.

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When traveling over a particular area in a golf cart would be convenient, but owning your own golf cart is not, Tri-County Golf Cart rentals simplify the act of getting from Point A to Point B.